Rolex Watches In Film Making!

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Rolex watches have a very universal appeal that is quite difficult to find in most of the other watch brands. These watches have always been aspirational products for both the young as well the old in different parts of the world. For many people, a Rolex watch is a reflection of prosperity and wealth. Right from the beginning Rolex watches have stood for grace, style and elegance. These watches can bedazzle you with its sheer beauty and craftsmanship. The best thing about these watches is that there is a Rolex for almost every profession. Further, Rolex watches have a very rich history of excellence in design and precision and that can be found in every watch that comes out even today.

Rolex watches are no longer about having gold and silver trims. Today, you will find a very large collection of Rolex watches in different colors, designs, shapes and accents. For the current generation people, these watches symbolize ambition, success and skill and capture the perfect spirit of perfection. These watches are designed for displaying accurate times even in adverse conditions. A Rolex watch on your right wrist speaks a lot about your preferences and commands immediate respects from people around you.

One of the most important reasons for the ever growing popularity is the accuracy of its time keeping. These watches are tested many times over for their accuracy and only then introduced in the market. Even if the watch gets older, the time keeping will remain as accurate as ever. These watches are highly durable and can perform accurately under any kind of conditions. In fact there is a recorded fact that Rolex watches can perform very accurately even at depths beyond three thousand meters. The watches are also known to function very accurately even at the highest altitudes. No wonder then, Rolex watches are the most preferred by deep sea divers, mariners, high altitude climbers, air force pilots, spacecraft pilots, etc. Rolex is the first watch company to be awarded the chronograph certification which is actually a reflection on the companys ability to maintain accurate times.

There are so many models of Rolex watches that you will definitely be spoilt for choice. You can either select an appropriate watch from the different Rolex watch collections or select a watch according to its color, design, model or functionality. Unlike other watch brands in the market, every Rolex watch comprises of something new in terms of design, features and benefits and can meet every requirement of yours.

Rolex watches and movies have a pretty long association. There are many movies which have the lead characters sporting a Rolex watch. Watches shape the character and plot in a movie. Most people tend to think that watches do not play much of a role in movies. This is not true. In fact these time pieces have played key supporting roles in so many movies that it is quite difficult to recollect the exact number. Who can ever forget the shot of Harold Lloyd hanging on from a clock tower in the 1923 movie Safety Last? It is one of the most poignant images of early cinematography. Can anybody forget the pocket watch melody that prompts the action in the highly popular spaghetti Western For a Few Dollars More, or watch Dustin Hoffman exchanging a Rolex watch for some loose change in the movie Marathon Man.

In a movie, watches can be an important part at different levels. It can be a part of the screen play or also as a way to define the personality or status of the character in the movie. Some of the most popular Rolex watch models like the Daytona, Submariner, Explorer, Sea Dweller, Yatch Master and Masterpiece to name a few, have been popularized the world over by top Hollywood stars and other celebrities as well. Rolex watches have been an integral part of James Bond movies for quite a long time. Rolex watches have been worn by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and other actors playing the role of James Bond. Some of the other leading Hollywood stars to promote Rolex have been Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Pierce Brosnan, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt and others. Finally, Rolex watches have played an important role in many Hollywood movies over the years. No wonder, the watches are so popular even today.
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Rolex Watches In Film Making!

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This article was published on 2010/10/02